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Humber College - 'Fibre Optic/Radiant Light 2'


Fibre Optic/Radiant Light 2 is installed in Humber Colleges North Campus Learning Resource Commons. The artworks’ position in proximity to natural light allows the 75” by 100” piece to engage in an interplay of pattern, cast colour, light and shadow as onlookers witness a display of colour shifting across the spectrum of cyan, blue, magenta and gold.

Created from dichroic film, this material is both reflective and iridescent, exploiting the optical qualities of the pattern while activating the space to create a new sensorial and ambient experience. Under Lizz Aston’s skilful hand, imagery has has been projected large-scale, drawn and hand-cut, making it a unique installation designed specifically for the space. By combining this innovative industrial material with long-standing domestic practices, such as lace-making, Aston reinvents the material as one that is delicate and woven with human histories, exploring the intersection of old and new materials and forms through contemporary art.

This commission was developed through Humber's Art Collection, which is a part of Humber’s ongoing practice of developing innovative teaching and learning opportunities. The installation is available for public viewing on the 5th floor of the LRC, in an active public area just outside of the School of Liberal Arts and Science at Humber North Campus.

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