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General Catalyst - 'Radiant Symmetries'

Radiant Symmetries is comprised of two artworks installed facing each other at opposite ends of a long corridor. The cut-outs in each banner bear an abstract symbol referencing fluid forms, peaks, upward motion, growth and expansion. Drawing inspiration from the values articulated by General Catalyst, these symmetrical cut-outs use optical and luminescent materials, combined with abstract textile patterns to re-imagine General Catalyst’s values through the lens of symbol and form.


For the project I was thinking about the history of trade union banners which were once commissioned by unions to represent the collective identity of a particular trade, while articulating the values and aspirations of the organization. 


For this installation I chose to use optical and luminescent materials to generate the experience of illumination and reflection. By playing with symbolic patterns, forms, natural light, cast colour and shadow, the viewer’s perception is intended to change as the light shifts throughout the day and people navigate the work in the space, creating an illuminating and ambient experience that commemorates a better vision for the future.

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