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The Overlook at St. Gabriel's - 'Grandfather Mirror'


Designed for the Overlook at St. Gabriels in Brighton, MA., 'Grandfather Mirror' is a site-specific installation that includes six textile pattern cut-mirrors made in gold mirror, installed in the recessed niches on each side of the main space overlooking Maker Hall. The source patterns I was working with are directly inspired by a historic hand block-printed wallpaper that lines the inside of the wooden trunk my great grandfather built and used as storage to emigrate to Canada with.


Growing up, I used this trunk as a ‘hope-chest’, slowly filling it with possessions I accumulated over time to one day move into my first home with. This trunk has been featured in a number of installations and projects I’ve done over the years, so it felt good to finally work with these patterns which hold so much memory, familial history and meaning for me. The final pattern I designed was laser-cut out of gold mirror and mounted away from the surface of the wall to create an interplay of positive and negative space and cast light and shadow. The patterns themselves are made up of detailed flourishes and floral and botanical elements arranged in a half-drop repeat pattern, similar to a traditional damask. I wanted to design work that was in-conversation with the interior elements of the space, particularly the beautiful historic stained-glass windows featured in Maker Hall. 


For more information about the project and the incredible re-vitalization of St. Gabriel's church in collaboration with the Boston Preservation Alliance, read the full interview here:

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